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March 12, 2008
The Borromeo Quartet on ThoughtCast!
Jenny Attiyeh, Host and producer of ThoughtCast
Jenny Attiyeh, Host and producer of ThoughtCast
Listen to the 7 minute broadcast by clicking here.

ThoughtCast is a podcast and public radio interview program with authors, academics and innovators hosted by Jenny Attiyeh. ThoughtCast offers something that is glaringly absent from the media today: a bridge between the publications and pursuits of the intellectual world and a curious, informed, mainstream audience.

By providing detailed, unhurried and personal conversation with current writers and thinkers, ThoughtCast is that rare hybrid - a show that is both informative and engaging - a synergy between mass media and the ivory tower. Think of it as "Terry Gross comes to Harvard."

In addition to podcasting ThoughtCast is distributed over the Public Radio Exchange (prx.org), which provides public radio stations throughout the country the means to broadcast my work. WGBH, an arts and culture public radio station in Boston, has broadcast several ThoughtCast programs, as has WCAI/WNAN. ThoughtCast is also featured on WGBH's Forum Network, and as a "recommended podcast" on the BBC's website.

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