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August 8, 2010
La Jolla SummerFest Cheat Sheet

Culture Lust
special to KPBS Public Broadcasting
August 8, 2010

The problem: World-famous classical musicians and composers are in San Diego for the the La Jolla Music Society's 2010 SummerFest concert series, and you need some sparkling factoids to drop during cocktails.

The solution? Culture Lust's "2010 SummerFest Cheat Sheet." Learn all about secret affairs (from 200+ years ago), ancient instruments (from 2000+ years ago) and the intersection between MacBooks and performance.

FRIDAY, August 6th: String Spectacular

Opening night offers a “String Spectacular” featuring SummerFest’s music director, Taiwanese-American violinist Cho-Liang “Jimmy” Lin, cellist Lynn Harrell, and the SummerFest Chamber Orchestra, along with the Borromeo String Quartet.

Did you know?

The Borromeo String Quartet is famous for being innovators in using technology in their performances. They created specially designed music stands for their MacBooks and use FootTimeTM, a “pdf score-reading tool that turns pages with a USB pedal.” Check out the technology in action in the clip below, from a performance earlier this year for WNYC’s "Soundcheck:"


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